A noble lie is “disinformation” crafted to protect your best interest. It lives and breeds at the center of a conspiracy theory. Public deception, however righteously intended, fractures the collective human psyche and creates a societal funk such as we find ourselves in today. While we rubes sift through the countless misdirection plays and distractions, the noble liars are stealing our most valuable asset — time.

An Ohio farm girl, I protested at Kent State in the late 60s, moved to LA to become a philosopher and smoke good pot in the ‘70s, became an investment banker and real estate mogul in the ‘80s, orchestrated wild international banking deals in the ‘90s, lived in luxury as a world traveler in 2000s and after exposure to the criminal justice system became a constitutional lawyer. I have a highly evolved sniffer when it comes to government chicanery, and I am battle-tested to take on anyone who is trying to pull a fast one.

Everything in life is Divine Providence if you are alert or can stay alive long enough to recognize it. Although cynical, I reject the notion that human nature is innately depraved.

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Man is the noblest of all animals; apart from law and order, he is the worst. Aristotle


OG, lawyer, sidewalk philosopher.